Comic Quest & Dicehammer

Warhammer 40k League

Season 7 Registration and Overview

  • Registration closes September 30 @ 11:59 pm

  • Season starts October 1 and will run until December 1. Playoffs for the top 8 will occur in December.

  • Players will be placed in pods based on their previous season record and/or ability level. Pods will contain at least 5 players, and may be consolidated after the first month if players are inactive.

  • Players are expected to coordinate and play 4 games over the course of two months against people in their pod. Please be aware of this commitment when you sign up.

  • You may play one of your four games against someone not in your pod.

  • When you sign up, you need to pick a Primary Faction. This will be the faction you use through your 4 games and playoffs. The largest single detachment in your army with the most points is considered your primary faction. For example, an Aeldari player has 3 detachments, one Harlequin detachment is 600 points, another Harlequin detachment is 650 points, and one Drukhari detachment is for 750 points. The primary faction would be Drukhari.

  • This league uses the most recent Codex’s and FAQ’s put out by Games Workshop. Games are played using ITC missions. If you are unfamiliar with the ITC missions, please check out this website: ITC 2019 Season 40k & AoS Format

  • Players have the right to request a chess clock to be used during league play. The default time should be 3 hours (1.5 hours each side).

  • Players can coordinate games at Comic Quest on Monday and Tuesdays. You can also play games on the weekend if the event calendar is clear, or if you set up a table outside. Please visit or call (949) 951-9668 to check and see if space is available. You can also coordinate games at a private residence or other location.

  • We will be hosting a Game Day at Comic Quest on October 5 starting at 11:00 am. That will be a great time to meet other league players and get a game (or two) in.

  • We may look at imposing a $10 fee that would go towards prize support and some swag. We haven’t determined that yet though, but will inform you and send an invoice via PayPal if we do. You can opt out of the league at that point if you do not wish to pay.

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You must play the same single faction for the entire league. Please refer to the newest ITC ruling on factions.
If No, How would you rate your 40k ability level? *
Players are placed into pods based on previous performance. If you have not played in a league before, please complete the give the organizer an idea of your ability level.