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Comic Quest Cup II - A Blood Bowl Tournament

Welcome Sports Fans to the Comic Quest Cup II - The second installment of Blood Bowl Tournaments at Comic Quest in Lake Forest, CA. 

  • Google Doc Link

  • Starting Gold: $1,300,000

  • Teams must consist of between 11-16 players. Teams must be formed from one of the approved teams in the core set, Death Zone Supplements or the Blood Bowl Almanac.

  • You may purchase Star Players as outlined in either Death Zone supplement or in the Blood Bowl Almanac.

  • Additionally, you may make improvements to players (not Star Players) as outlined on page 54 of the Blood Bowl Almanac. If you choose to do this, please make sure players are differentiated on the field, and upgraded stats / skills are highlighted on the roster.

  • You may purchase coaching staff as outlined on pages 78-81 of the Blood Bowl Almanac