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Comic Quest December Warhammer 40k Team Tournament

  • ITC Championship Missions

  • 3 Rounds

  • $10 entry fee per person (both players need to register online)

  • Awards for Best General, Best Painted and Favorite Opponent

  • Schedule:

    • 11:15 Round 1

    • 1:45 Lunch

    • 2:15 Round 2

    • 4:45 Break

    • 5:00 Round 3

    • 7:30 Awards and Cleanup

Tournament Outline:

  • Two players form a single army using 1,000 points per person, two detachments per person max (i.e. 2,000 points with up to 4 detachments).

  • Each players army interacts separately for buffs (i.e. if you run Aeldari you could not cast Fortune on your partners Tau units).

  • Debuffs to opponents are valid for both team members (i.e. if you cast a spell to make an opposing unit -1 T, it counts as -1 T for both you and your partner).

  • Please feel free to reach out for questions regarding specific scenarios, but many will be handled the day of the event.