40k League Rules


When: Season 3 will run for 12 weeks starting on July 9.

Who: Gamers in Orange County

What: 2,000 points of Warhammer 40k. Your primary army must be selected prior to the start of the season, using the ITC guidelines. We will be playing the new ITC missions as a default. If you AND your opponent want to play a different point amount, or different mission you are welcome to do so. Both opponents have to be in agreement, otherwise the default is a new ITC mission (randomly determined) and 2,000 points.

Where: Games can be played anywhere. Comic Quest has open gaming on Monday and Tuesday nights. Please make suitable arrangements with your opponents.

How it Works:

  • Standings for playoffs will be determined by number of wins, with total games played as a tiebreaker. 

Awards and ITC Points: You can earn ITC points by participating in the league. There will be awards for the League Champion, as well as players choice awards for Favorite Opponent and Best Painted.