Dicehammer Warhammer 40k League Season 4

League Launch: November 1 (schedule gets posted and goes live)

Sign-up Deadline: October 28 @ 11:59 pm

Cost: $10 - to go towards prize support (Best General, Grand Champion, Loremaster, Best Painted)

Sign-up via Best Coast Pairings - be sure to include your Club Name and Primary Faction (Primary Faction will not change for this league)

For $10, you get 6 scheduled games over 3 months. Each month you will be placed in a pod of 3 players. Those players will play each other in the given month. It is up to you to schedule games with the players in your pod.

We are trying to address the issue of staying connected and informed throughout the season. For this, we are asking everyone to download the Discord app. I will send out a server invite when sign-ups are closed. We are also introducing a Loremaster prize. You receive points for Loremaster by submitted a brief battle report and/or pictures for your battle. We hope that this will encourage people to share their battles, and make it easier to schedule games (with Discord). On the league web-page there are links to submit and view Battle Results, Standings, and Battle Reports. Please bookmark this page and use it often. 

Click Here to be directed to the League Hub - includes full league rules

Click Here to Register via Best Coast Pairings