Dicehammer Warhammer 40k League Season 4

League Launch: November 1 (schedule gets posted and goes live)

Sign-up Deadline: October 28 @ 11:59 pm

Cost: $10 - to go towards prize support (Best General, Grand Champion, Loremaster, Best Painted)

Sign-up via Best Coast Pairings - be sure to include your Club Name and Primary Faction (Primary Faction will not change for this league)

For $10, you get 6 scheduled games over 3 months. Each month you will be placed in a pod of 3 players. Those players will play each other in the given month. It is up to you to schedule games with the players in your pod.

We are trying to address the issue of staying connected and informed throughout the season. For this, we are asking everyone to download the Discord app. I will send out a server invite when sign-ups are closed. We are also introducing a Loremaster prize. You receive points for Loremaster by submitted a brief battle report and/or pictures for your battle. We hope that this will encourage people to share their battles, and make it easier to schedule games (with Discord). On the league web-page there are links to submit and view Battle Results, Standings, and Battle Reports. Please bookmark this page and use it often. 

Click Here to be directed to the League Hub - includes full league rules

Click Here to Register via Best Coast Pairings

Dicehammer Hall of Champions


  • April 2017: Brian Rayner (CSM)

  • May 2017: Adam Gati (Ynnari)

  • July 2017: Camden Jansen (Deamons)

  • September 2017: Adam Gati (Ynnari)

  • October 2017: Adam Gati (Tau)

  • December 2017: Adam Gati (Ynnari)

  • Dicehammer 40k League Season 1 Champion: Jordan Stein (Ynnari)

  • February 2018: Adam Gati (Thousand Sons)

  • March 2018: Jordan Stein (Aliatoc)

  • Dicehammer 40k League Season 2 Champion: Adam Gati (Thousand Sons)

  • May 2018: Adam Gati (Tau Empire)

  • June 2018: Richard Cozart (Chaos Daemons)

  • Dicehammer Warhammer 40k GT 2018: James Carmona (Chaos Space Marines)

  • Dicehammer League Season 3 Champion: TBD

Comic Quest Cup II FAQ

Hello! With the Comic Quest Cup 2 fast approaching, I wanted to take a moment to answer some FAQ that I have been getting.

  • Q: Will the tournament be NAF approved?
  • A: Yes. I am a casual BB player at heart and an not a NAF member, but will obtain NAF membership in order to make this event (and future events) official.
  • Q: Where do I sign-up to reserve a spot? 
  • A: https://www.bestcoastpairings.com/eventlanding/ljxpf55b
  • Q: How much does it cost? How do I pay?
  • A: There is a $10 entry fee or $25 day of, in-store purchase. You pay on the day of the event in the store.
  • Q: I don't own the Almanac, what are the team building guidelines?
  • A: $1,300,000 gold pieces to spend on a team to include:
    • Drafting an NAF approved team (including Star Players)
    • Coaching Staff
    • You may spend up to $80,000 per player in upgrades (not Star Players)
      • New Skill from Normal Column +20k, Double Column +30k, +1MA or +1AV +30k, +1AG +40k, +1ST, +50k
  • Q: How do I submit my team info?
  • A: Please bring 3 copies of your team to the tournament. One will be for the TO to review, one for yourself to reference and one for your opponent.
  • Q: What are the awards?
  • A: There will be awards for Favorite Opponent, Best Painted and Best Overall. We will give out gift certificates based on total attendance. 
  • Q: What is the schedule?
  • A: Here is a tentative schedule:
    • 11:00-11:15 Sign-in
    • 11:15-1:15 Round 1
    • 1:15-1:45 Lunch
    • 1:45-3:45 Round 2
    • 3:45-4:00 Break
    • 4:00-6:00 Round 3
    • 6:00-6:30 Cleanup and Awards

More Questions? Fill out the form below.

Dicehammer Update December 3, 2017.

Here is a league update after our December 2 tournament. We were able to get 10 league games played in one day! The regular season ends December 17. Playoffs will follow immediately after regular season.

  • 11/30 - Frank Deloach beat Thomas Bixler
  • 11/30 - Josh Greenfield beat Anthony Vaccarro
  • 12/2 - Nima Mortazavi defeated David Keagan
  • December 2 Tournament:
    • Jordan Stein defeated Ken Onyeabor
    • Brian Rayner defeated Chris Cole
    • Adam Gati defeated Tyler Stavast
    • Don Flanigan beat Will Couling
    • Adam Gati beat Brian Rayner
    • Don Flanigan defeated Ken Onyeabor
    • Nick Card defeated Will Couling
    • Adam Gati beat Jordan Stein
    • Nick Card beat Tyler Stavast
    • Brian Rayner defeated Don Flanigan

Full standings following the tournament can be found Here

Here are some pictures from the event and from some of David Keagan's games, thanks for the pics, and keep them coming!



Dicehammer Week 4 Update

Here are the Week 4 updates for the Warhammer 40k League:

  • 11/28 - David Keegan defeated Paul Cox
  • 11/28 - Chris Sardo beat Nima Mortazavi
  • 11/27 - Thomas Bixler beat Don Flanigan
  • 11/26 - Adam Gati defeated Nick Card
  • 11/26 - Nick Card defeated Don Flanigan
  • 11/25 - Josh Greenfield defeated Frank DeLoach
  • 11/22 - Frank DeLoach beat Casey Duvall
  • 11/21 - Casey Duvall beat Clifford Breeden

Full Standings can be seen Here

Quote of the week: "The only thing I plan on doing this turn is charging that Trygon with the Rhino" - Don

Here are some pictures with my games against Don and Adam. Feel free to e-mail me pictures of your games if you have any. 

Week 3 Update

Hey guys, here are the games played this week:

  • 11/15 - Frank DeLoach beat Tyler Stavast
  • 11/16 - Adam Gati beat Casey Duvall
  • 11/19 - Josh Greenfield defeated David Keegan
  • 11/20 - Jordan Stein defeated Tyler Stavast
  • 11/20 - Thomas Bixler defeated Casey Duvall

Full Standings can be seen Here

Shout out to Tyler Stavast for playing 5 games already. Nicely done!

League Update 2 Weeks in

Hey guys, here are the league games played in the past week:

  • 11/14 - Clifford Breeden beat Chris Sardo
  • 11/11 - Chris Sardo beat Tyler Stavast
  • 11/11 - Brian Rayner beat Tyler Stavast
  • 11/9 - Brian Rayner beat Jordan Stein
  • 11/7 - Nima Mortazavi and Ryan Rabusch tied

If you played a game and forgot to submit the results, please get those in ASAP. Continue to get games in!